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FXI - a leader in foam innovation - focuses on finding tailored solutions for our customers that are driven by consumer insights and industry trends. Our products include finished goods, sub-assemblies, services and raw materials for OEMs, fabricators and retailers. You will find FXI's foam innovations inside, around and under yourself in countless applications. We protect automobile passengers on the highway, help consumers sleep sounder and furniture manufacturers create comfort. We provide for sharper images in digital printers and help consumers keep their homes clean. We provide critical components for filters, gaskets and seals in everything from blood oxygenators to computer disk drives.

Our expertise does not stop at manufacturing foam. Our experience in designing, building and fulfilling mattresses direct to the consumer is unparalleled. This process all takes place under one roof for streamlined, cost effective bed-in-box manufacturing with the added value of design and marketing support. And FXI goes beyond formulation, foaming, constructing and fulfillment. Our dedicated customer service team takes care of your customers too, protecting your reputation as a reliable, quality brand.

Experience + Expertise
Pour, Design, Process,
Packaging & Fulfillment
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Specialty foam solutions for
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Commitment and dedication to quality for you,
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